Podcast Moderation

Podcasts are springing up like mushrooms everywhere. Businesses, insurance companies, publishers, TV stations, political and social groups, to name just a few, all choose podcasts to expand their social media offerings. Podcasts are approachable, authentic and give the listener the feeling of being there. Studio Vocal Acting offers the new moderators practical coaching. The second […]

About Me Videos for actors

The About Me videos are an important acquisition tool for aspiring actors to apply for the first days of shooting. Despite Corona, we were able to realize all videos this academic year 2020/21. The overall concept for this was developed by the lecturer Carola von Seherr-Thoss, and this year Alex Schaad, director and former HFF […]

How are stage and business related?

The theater stage and the business stage have a lot in common. In both cases, it is about presenting your role well, mastering the looseness of the game and being able to act and react in an up-to-date, flexible and creative way. Many tools from acting and speaking training can also be used in business […]

Content, voice ans presentation – Core elements for a good presentation

Presentations have an important function in the business context. It’s about winning over the audience, but also about concrete goals that are being pursued – for example, about getting new orders or follow-up orders. A presentation coaching must therefore start at different points – the content, the voice and the presentation. >> Read more

The movie “Hello Again” has its world premiere

The film “Hello Again”, directed and screenplayed by Maggie Peren, has its world premiere in the pop-up drive-in cinema at the Munich Film Festival. I have been supporting Maggie as a coach in the development of her screenplays for many years. This is often a process that extends over several years and many drafts of […]

Coaching online

Good coaching can also take place online, as the corona crisis taught us. Studio Vocal-Acting now also offers online coaching for speech and  voice training, presentation,  filming and casting preparation. This opens up completely new possibilities for coaching; for example by switching on via zoom directly in your own home studio or at your own […]

Audio files for actors are becoming more and more important!

Audio files for actors are becoming more and more important!   Audio files for actors are becoming more and more important! The variety in your own work opportunities, for example film, stage and speaking, are an excellent basis for the freelance actor to be able to make a living from art. In our third year […]

About Me – Presentation video for actors

Once again I was able to take on one of my diverse tasks as a lecturer at the August Everding Theater Academy. Our About Me videos with the 3rd acting course are over! I have continued to refine the overall concept for this over the past four years.  Alex Schaad,  director and former HFF student […]

E-Casting with your Smartphone

Nowadays, the training of young actors should be as varied as possible in order to be able to provide optimal preparation for the young actors’ first years as a professional. This is exactly where the practice-oriented projects of Carola von Seherr-Thoss, who has been a lecturer in the drama course at the August Everding Theater […]

Bring momentum into everyday life: Short training for body and voice

Great challenges – whether of a professional or private nature – are easier to master if you have a relaxed attitude. So today I would like to give you a few suggestions to get you out of the “everyday mode” and into an energized “presentation mode” quickly. The moving breath opens the voice , strengthens the […]