Bring momentum into everyday life: Short training for body and voice

Great challenges – whether of a professional or private nature – are easier to master if you have a relaxed attitude. So today I would like to give you a few suggestions to get you out of the “everyday mode” and into an energized “presentation mode” quickly.

The moving breath opens the voice , strengthens the presence in the room and releases the body gestures. This is how speaking is fun!

With the following exercises you can easily release physical blockages, increase your presence and strengthen your voice. Movement, breath and voice come together here. Try it!

  • Bend your spine, hang your head and neck, breathe out on WWW sound:
    Place your feet about hip-width apart and allow yourself to swing forward vertebra by vertebra, use the gravity of your head, your knees are relaxed – stretched. Breathe out with a relaxed WWW tone. With the next exhalation, straighten up vertebra by vertebra – 24 vertebrae, like a “chain of links” one on top of the other – the head sits loosely on top, your gaze is directed ahead. Repeat this three to four times.
  • Rocking – from the soles of your feet to the tip of your nose, exhale on WWW sound:
    Place your feet hip-width apart again and now push yourself off the floor slightly without lifting your feet. Send a wave of motion from the sole of your foot  to the tip of your nose. Watch this wave progress through your pelvis, stomach, chest, shoulders and neck. Wherever you still feel tense, let the wave of movement open you up. Repeat this for two to three minutes.
  • Tapping the body, exhale on WWW sound:
    Bend forward and tap one leg at a time with both hands from the bottom up to the pelvis. Remember to exhale on the WWW sound. Then tap your buttocks, very important – we usually sit far too much and need to be energized here! Now continue tapping your chest and shoulders. Prick out the back of your neck, your face and finish by brushing your hair back from your hairline – this will wake you up and open your eyes.
  • Repeat rocking – from the sole of the foot to the tip of the nose, exhale on WWW sound
  • Open your voice with the HAAA sound:
    Raise both arms to the side – your shoulders remain relaxed – let your breath come in by itself! – and then drop your arms down on Haaa with a sigh. Your tone “falls” in unison with your arms, dropping your jaw. Repeat this five to ten times.

How are you now? Are facial expressions and gestures more relaxed, is your voice present and open? Then I wish you every success in your challenges!  I would be happy if you could integrate one or the other exercise into your everyday life. Please send me your feedback on the situations in which you use the short training course.

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