Your performance!

Make your appearance an event that touches and inspires your viewers

Here professionals will find practical suggestions and new impulses for presentations in front of the camera or “on stage”, as well as practical know-how for your audio podcast and video podcast.

Presence – The secret of charismatic radiance

How do you want to appear? How do you appear? How are gestures and voice related? Experience how targeted breathing exercises can support your physical presence and intensify your effect on the audience.

Free Speech

Your audience hangs on your every word. The less you read, the more up-to-date your contribution will be. How keywords can help you speak freely about complex content quickly.

Optimal structuring of speeches

Confusion in the audience leads to hilarity at best. Align your performance with the structure of a good film. Create a current reference with the introduction, use language in a targeted manner and with logic. Surprise with quick-witted punchlines and skilfully set an elegant conclusion.


Based on the successful structure of a good film, divide the content into three acts. Draw a common thread and wrap your content in images and analogies that will be remembered. Fewer Slides - Less Content! More performance – more entertainment!

Presentation in front of the camera

Get to know your effect, so the next live performance or television appearance is guaranteed to be a success.

Are you leading through an event? Be entertaining at the highest level.

Imagine the following situation: You moderate a conversation. Your interlocutors are excited, the content is complex. You ask difficult questions. Your guests start arguing, the group threatens to get out of hand. The ideal moment to show your competence. How do you regain the upper hand?

Moderation of conversations

If you recognize the meta level in the conversation, you can place your content optimally. Get the people you are talking to talking – and silence them in time. Invite to a constructive controversy!

Leading conversations successfully – Rhetoric

Maintain respect for your interlocutors at all times. Rhetoric can be crucial in conversations. Get to know tips and tricks.

Develop virtuosity out of the apparent banality

Sponsored coaching

If necessary, GVL makes a financial contribution to professionals, actors or speakers who are already registered with GVL.
With a corresponding application, she participates in 12 individual coaching sessions over a period of 6 months, for example.
With coaching in the Studio Vocal-Acting, this can account for around 80% of the costs for an individual lesson.
This application can be made for a maximum of three consecutive years.

Interest? Then ask in the Studio Vocal-Acting, because further training pays off!