Wow, what a voice!

The voice and speech coaching is aimed at professionals who want to get to know new speaking tools and are looking for impulses for their everyday work in the recording studio and on radio / television. It offers optimal practical support and is an excellent opportunity to successfully try out new speaking genres. To ensure that you continue to be successful, we develop your own personal acquisition strategy.

As a prospective speaker, you benefit from 25 years of professional experience as an artistic university lecturer. You will receive well-structured exercises that will familiarize you with the job of speaker and are tailored to your professional requirements. In this way, you can expand your professional field to include your work as a speaker. You can gain experience in speaking with a microphone in the recording studio and have the opportunity to record audio files under the direction of Carola von Seherr-Thoss. We work together with the Amazonas Studios.

Breathing and body awareness exercises

You develop your voice optimally so that it becomes resilient and you can easily and flexibly cope with speaking requirements. Learn where in your body the noticeable "foundation" of your voice lies, what really supports it. You will receive a suitable program with breathing exercises that you can integrate into your everyday speaker work.


You increase your sound volume and gain in volume and carrying capacity. You will learn what constitutes the specific quality of your voice, what your optimal speaking tone is. how high and how low you can speak, making your voice warm and full. Based on practical experience, we put together exercises that you can use to warm up, regenerate and keep your voice fat every day.


Exercises on articulation, phonetics and speech rhythm are a good addition to voice training. You will receive speech exercises tailored to you, with which you can train your comprehensibility and correct dialectal coloring.


News, factual texts, advertising, trailers, documentaries, features, reports - how do I work out the core statements? Each genre requires its own tonality. It means mastering the art of differentiation, being able to put yourself effortlessly into the respective genre and the current situation. What role do emphasis / intonation / speech melody / speech rhythm / tempo, change of tempo / dynamics / caesura play?

Speaker profile

Develop your unmistakable speaker profile: With the help of microphone recordings, you will recognize your speech patterns and develop your own speaking potential, because your USP makes you unique! On-Air Check How good were you? Together we analyze your audio recordings and prepare them in detail.


Flexibility exercises in voice and composition expand your acting ability to quickly find different totalities for different characters. Studio Vocal Acting offers dubbing coaching for actors in cooperation with the voice actress Susanne von Medvey and the Amazonasstudios .

Creation and recording of your audio files

Together we will put together texts on various genres from radio and television, which you can use to apply for your desired speaking position. Studio Vocal Acting works together with Amazonas Studios. Here we record your audio files under professional conditions.

Acquisition advice

For every freelance speaker, their own acquisition should be part of their everyday work. Together we will develop your acquisition strategy that suits you and optimally takes up the circumstances of the speaker business. When lightness and fun come together, success is not long in coming.

If it is right, it sounds right

The coaching by Carola von Seherr-Thoss can be applied immediately in practice. You will receive clearly structured exercises that will accelerate your speaking progress.
You will already be able to see successes after the first coaching session.

Sponsored coaching

If necessary, GVL makes a financial contribution to professionals, actors or speakers who are already registered with GVL.
With a corresponding application, she participates in 12 individual coaching sessions over a period of 6 months, for example.
With coaching in the Studio Vocal-Acting, this can account for around 80% of the costs for an individual lesson.
This application can be made for a maximum of three consecutive years.

Interest? Then ask in the Studio Vocal-Acting, because further training pays off!