About Me Videos for actors

The About Me videos are an important acquisition tool for aspiring actors to apply for the first days of shooting.

Despite Corona, we were able to realize all videos this academic year 2020/21.

The overall concept for this was developed by the lecturer Carola von Seherr-Thoss, and this year Alex Schaad, director and former HFF student, was also at the camera again.

Each of the students develops their own “script” for this and then selects the desired image and sound sequences from the filmed material in order to “assemble” them themselves into the final About Me video.

In cooperation with the HFF, the students learned the basics of video editing from Daniel Asadi Faezi, HFF student and documentary film director, and edited their About Me’s themselves with his support.

The students can then upload the videos to the usual acting platforms and to Castconnectpro. In this way they can be “found” by directors and casters and “if everything fits together”, they get their first days of shooting. We shot with Khalil Assay, Jan-David Bürger, Leo Burkhardt, Benedikt Kosian, Magdalena Laubisch, Estelle Schmidlin, Fnot Taddese, Lina Witte and Daniela Gancheva.

You can watch the videos on the Vocal-Acting YouTube channel or on the
August Everding Theater Academy blog

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