How does consistency sound?

In the Studio Vocal-Acting many years of practical experience are combined with curiosity and creativity. Carola von Seherr-Thoss supports you in optimizing your voice and your performance – for a successful performance that is well received.

The following customers from Munich and all over Bavaria have successfully benefited from coaching with Carola von Seherr-Thoss in the Studio Vocal-Acting:


Opinions of convinced customers

Studio Vocal-Acting’s coaching is aimed at personalities who are often in the foreground and want to optimize their performance.

Carola von Seherr-Thoss’ coaching philosophy can be summed up quickly: coaching must be fun, tangible and, above all, applicable in everyday working life.
Here are some testimonials from clients who are excited about coaching at Studio Vocal-Acting:

Eva Demmelhuber / integrated architecture
Carola Goering
Krug Company
MAN Diesel
Münchener Schachakademie
Pfau PR
PV Planungsverband Äußerer Wirtschaftsraum München
Sales force
Start talking
Sonnenklar TV
Vogel Communications Group
American Vintage
Red7 Entertainment
Studio Stadt Region


Opinions of convinced customers

Studio Vocal-Acting’s coaching is aimed at actors who want to optimize their performance in film / television or in the theater.

Carola von Seherr-Thoss’ coaching philosophy can be summed up quickly: coaching must be fun, tangible and, above all, immediately applicable in front of the camera or on stage.
Here are some testimonials from clients who are enthusiastic about the coaching at Studio Vocal-Acting.

Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding
cma Schauspielmanagement Patricia Kastner
fastfood theater München
Tollhaus Theater Compagnie
Hochschule für Musik und Theater München
Hff München
Freies Musikzentrum München

Patricia Aulitzki / Maria Bachmann
Mareile Blendl / Ute Cremer
Julia Dahmen / Petra Einhoff
Liane Forestieri / Vanessa Jeker
Karin Krug / Markus Krojer / Lena Dörrie
Katja Lechthaler / Nicole Marischka
Katharina May / Simon Pierro
Ralf Schicha / Wolfgang Seidenberg
Klaus Steinbacher / Jonathan Beck
Tim Seyfi / Janina Stopper
Anno Köhler / Jürgen Tonkel
Andreas Wolf / Frederic Welter
Nicholas Reinke / Georgia Stahl /
Susanne von Medvey / Katrin Lux
Katrin Röver / Sebastian Feicht
Sebastian Fischer / Ferdinand Hofer

Maggie Peren


Opinions of convinced customers Studio Vocal-Acting’s coaching is aimed at speakers who want to optimize their know-how on-stage and in the recording studio.

Carola von Seherr-Thoss’ coaching philosophy can be summed up quickly: coaching must be fun, tangible and, above all, applicable in one’s own professional practice.
Here are some of the voices of well-known speakers and moderators who are enthusiastic about the coaching in Studio Vocal-Acting:

BR Radio Arabella
Antenne Bayern
Inter / Aktion Gesellschaft für interaktive Medien
Sprecheragentur Caroline Millahn
Paul Baumgartner / Andreas Borcherding
David Hahn / Daniel Schlauch
Gabi Hinterstoisser / Markus Kästle
Matti Klemm / Tinka Kleffner
Karim Kammouchi / Jens Liedtke
Shirin Lotze / Sabrina Staubitz
Christina Teuthorn / Jan Wiecken
David Williamson / Frank Woelfel
Karim El Kammouchi / John Friedmann
Jenny Roller-Spoo / Caroline Ebner
Lea Kalbhenn / Judith Peres
Maria Rabl / Funda Vanroy
Mirko Kasimir / Sebastian Panholzer
Jan Stremmel / Sarah Winkhaus
Arne Hörmann / Jo Vossenkuhl
Claudia Jacobacci / Ralph Wagner
Martin Bonvicini / Benjamin Krause
Felix Auer / Bente Lay /
Jacqueline Belle / Dustin Peters

Why does a professional speaker go to a voice coach? Counter-question: Does a successful athlete stop training just because he wins titles? No! Carola provides new creative input, helps to break out of deadlocked patterns and to face new challenges. With coaching, she also offers help and support for newcomers and professionals in their daily work in the media business. Carola is demanding but always charming.
Mirko Kasimir, Speaker
Carola kept her word: Her coaching opens up new perspectives. With her stimulating and interactive way, she approaches the topic and then gives very concrete options for action. The individual advice from Studio Vocal-Acting was particularly helpful for the development of various presentation formats. Whether workshop, seminar or self-expression - Carola put me in the right spotlight.
Carola Grimminger, Consultant for digital Marketing
Professional life brings situations where the advice of friends and family does not help. With Carola's support, I have difficult professional cliffs unnavigable, keep fun at the job and set goals and permanently realized. Your practical and solution-oriented method is suitable both for concrete, short-term issues and for complex, long-term issues.
Carmen Schuhmacher, Director – Conzept – Movie
The coaching with Carola von Seherr-Thoss showed me completely new ways of recognising, developing and strengthening my acting profile. lt was a little revelation for me that there are also completely different ways of dealing with your material.
Anno Köhler, actor
lt was not difficult for me to set my goals for my professional life, but the implementation was often very energy- and time-consuming and I often lacked the right focus or an effective approach. A work-life balance has not existed in my life for years. The search for a suitable coach began. After an initial consultation and getting to know Carola, I immediately liked her and I liked her experience and approach straight away. Since then, coaching With Carola has contributed to an essential part of my professional and personal development. Her tips and tricks give me the opportunity to work on myself and surpass myself without losing focus on my WORK-LIFE-BALANCE Martina Schmidl, Managing Director DACH, American Vinatge
Martina Schmidl, Managing Director DACH, American Vintage
We had a workshop With Carola von Seherr-Thoss that took place several times on how we can move better in front of the camera. She has helped us tremendously to keep developing. Not only does she have extensive experience in presentation coaching, she is also empathetic and knows exactly what to say to whom and when. We felt very well advised by her at all times and can recommend her unreservedly!
Seokratie, Julian Dziki,
Carola von Seher-Thoss conveyed the basics of body, voice and persuasion with competence, presence and humor. At the same time, the in-house coaching stimulated a lively exchange in the whole team.
4 Architekten
The plan was to discover even more theater after 20 years, to focus on microphone and camera work. Carola's coaching is, to use all the buzzwords of today: a total package, holistic medicine and sustainable development aid. Thank you, dear Carola, for your clever perception. You have recognized where my strengths are and where I am missing something. You supported me full of energy and care. I learned a lot and took even more with me.
Caroline Ebner, Actress, Speaker, Author and Carola fan
Carola von Seherr-Thoss not only helped me with my language development as a sports reporter. lt has also become indispensable when analyzing my posts and comments.
Jan Wiecken, sports reporter
I came to Carola on recommendation and can only do the same. Carola is not only interested in bringing you closer to technology and helping you to advance, but she also wants you to be successful in your job. She motivated me in a way that made me feel like I was making quantum leaps. Thank you Carola
(Photo:Luis Zeno Kuhn)
Sebastian Fischer, Actor, Speaker