Benefit from
acting methods for
management and consulting

Sometimes it can be an advantage to stay in your own rooms. For this reason, Studio Vocal-Acting offers tailor-made coaching for you on site. Contact us!

The coaching philosophy of Carola von Seherr-Thoss and her team can be summed up quickly: coaching must be fun, tangible and, above all, applicable in everyday work life. And one thing we have learned in the course of our work: Creativity is contagious!

The theater stage and the business stage have a lot in common. In both cases, it’s about presenting your role well, mastering the looseness of the game and being able to act and react in an up-to-date, flexible and creative way. Many tools from acting and speaking training can also be used in business to further develop and optimize presence, voice, facial expressions, gestures and the structure of the presentation according to requirements.

Some topics from our repertoire for in-house coaching:

Video training

Present company products optimally in front of the camera

Make phone calls

personable, customer-friendly and efficient

Have conversations

internally with employees – externally with stakeholders


How do you present your content in an entertaining and sustainable way?

Creativity Training

How do you manage to stay in the flow? How do you develop surprising solutions and visions?


There are a variety of uses where a story with good imagery and analogies best conveys your content

In a personal meeting, Carola von Seherr-Thoss will design a training course with you that is optimally tailored to the content and current needs of your company.



The online presentation coaching in the Studio Vocal-Acting in Munich is aimed at professionals who take on a high level of responsibility in their job and want to optimize their digital performance in their home office. Here you can find out how your home office can become an effective stage.

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