Change your perspective

You are a screenwriter, playwright or (video) editor. You write and write and do it well. Now how do you make it safely to the finish line? It says: persevere. How about an “energy cocktail” à la Carola from Seherr-Thoss while you’re out and about? Visit our Munich Studio Vocal-Acting and enjoy your coaching profit!


We ask specific questions about your screenplay or script:
Your writing fire - How do you keep it burning? What is the secret of your writing energy?
The first spark of inspiration - Can you remember the first magical moment of your idea?
Your story - stay true to yourself. What exactly do you want to tell?
Your resources – what to do if burnout is imminent?
Waiting - Waiting, waiting, for reactions, feedback, decisions: How do you keep the staying power and stay in the "workflow"?

Dramaturgical Advice

The screenplay – a marathon
We ask ourselves the following questions:
Structure – are the sequences right, are the transitions between kick-off, turning points, highlights and the resolution flowing. Are the individual scenes justified? Are they self-consistent?
Audience Excitement – ​​What is the role of disclosure and discovery of important information? What can be achieved with hints and detailing later?
Character Development - Are the characters flat or three-dimensional? Who is the protagonist? What is the goal of our protagonist? What conflict is he getting himself into? What are the roles of the supporting characters? What is your specific profile? Is there an antagonist?
Dialogues - Are they believable? Do they reveal feelings? Can you identify the social background of the character? Script length – do content and scope correspond?
For novel adaptations - is the plot effectively condensed?
Genre Affiliation - Is it a comedy, a drama, a "dramedy", an action film, a road movie? Or can the book not be assigned?


The good piece is almost done. Once again, it's time to mobilize energy, overcome the last obstacles, hold discussions - with a clear view of the goal.
Ideas – How did you get your idea across to the broadcasters?
Criticism - On the way to realization you will meet many people who want to help shape your book. Find the optimal timing when to take criticism, when to compromise, and when to show strength and say no.
Opportunities – How can you get involved in discussions with producers, publishers or directors?
Success - How to conduct your conversations with producers, publishers or directors

Sponsored coaching

If necessary, GVL makes a financial contribution to professionals, actors or speakers who are already registered with GVL.
With a corresponding application, she participates in 12 individual coaching sessions over a period of 6 months, for example.
With coaching in the Studio Vocal-Acting, this can account for around 80% of the costs for an individual lesson.
This application can be made for a maximum of three consecutive years.

Interest? Then ask in the Studio Vocal-Acting, because further training pays off!