Speech and voice training munich

In the Studio Vocal-Acting in Munich, Carola von Seherr-Thoss offers professional and aspiring speakers well-founded voice training and practice-oriented speech training. The vocal coaching takes place in individual lessons and offers you an optimal opportunity to further develop your speaking skills for radio and television in the genres of audio books, commentary, advertising, trailers, voice over and dubbing. In speaker coaching you will receive well-structured voice and speaking exercises as well as exercises for your reading training.

Microphone training Munich

In the compact training you can gain experience in microphone speaking in the recording studio. You have the option of recording audio files directed by Carola von Seherr-Thoss, with texts specially written for you. You will receive practice-oriented suggestions for your speaker acquisition.

Moderation training Munich

In moderation coaching you will learn methods for the optimal structuring of speeches, the basics of rhetoric and how to conduct a conversation, you will receive interview training and video training.

We record professional audio files for you in the recording studio, tailored to your speaking needs. We provide the texts free of charge.

In mentoring, specially developed for speakers and moderators, you can optimally evaluate your experiences from the soundtracks or television recordings and gain new ideas for your further practice.

Arrange a single appointment for your individual coaching, one hour ( 60 min ) or two hours ( 120 min ). Voiceover professionals have the possibility to apply for financial support from the GVL for their individual coaching.