Video training for social media (Facebook, Skype, YouTube & Co.), webpages and image films

In the video training in the Studio Vocal-Acting in Munich, you will receive a well-structured tool of exercises with which you can expand your presence, your gestures and facial expressions in presentations in front of an audience and in front of the camera.

Camera training for social media

The camera training by Carola von Seherr-Thoss gives you effective feedback on which you can build your lectures and presentations as a speaker in the future. Exercises in front of the camera and acting methods strengthen your self-awareness and expand your ability to express yourself.

Wether Facebook, Youtube, or Skype

Practical tips and tricks for your appearance in front of the camera will help you to optimally present your company’s products on websites, social media, Internet campaigns, image films, YouTube and Co. in the video appearance. With elements of storytelling, your content is presented in front of the camera in an entertaining and sustainable way.

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